Vinhomes Dragon Bay Shophouse (New) For Sale in Ha Long, Quảng Ninh, Vietnam

Located in the heart of the dragon land, Vinhomes Dragon Bay has a favorable feng shui position. The project is backed by Bai Tho Mountain and faces with Ha Long Bay, therefore, Vinhomes Dragon Bay is an ideal living environment for people looking for place suitable for business, peaceful living and resort everyday.

Developed on the land area of 68.35ha, the project is a complex of hotel and shophouses. Shophouse area is divided into 3 sub-areas namely Phu Gia, Hoang Gia and My Gia with 380 units of charming shophouses. Designed by world leading architecture firms, Humphreys and Partners (US) and West Green Design (Canada), Vinhomes Dragon Bay owns an impeccable design, featuring the European Square, green park together with international standard amenities.

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Vinhomes Dragon Bay is fully equipped with 39 state-of-the-art amenities with children playground, French garden, sports center, hospital, green park, shopping mall, water fountain, restaurant, walking street, etc.

The project is right next to the port and many local administrative offices of Quang Ninh City. This location is extremely ideal for trading, traveling both locally and internationally.

The project is 53km away from Van Don Airport. Moreover, the project is built along the seaside, right next to Ha Long Bay, one of seven wonders of the world. Therefore, it is easy to transport to important seaports, which directly serve international trading with other countries.

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Developed by Vinhomes, the leading real estate developer in Vietnam, Vinhomes Dragon Bay is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that cater to every needs of dwellers. Vinmec Hospital, Vinmart Supermarket, Vincom Plaza shopping center and Vinschool are within walking distances and ready to serve Vinhomes residents.


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