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When two Italian fashion designers launched the brand in 2000, Golden Goose immediately jumped into the spotlight. Their sneakers’ unique design combined and handcrafted quality meshed perfectly with the style of the time — and still make a fantastic addition to any collection. Unfortunately, for every great designer item, there are plenty of knock-offs trying to masquerade as the real thing. Fake Golden Goose sneakers are no exception. Learn the telling signs of real vs. fake Golden Goose sneakers and never be fooled again.

The Toe Box Method

The first thing you should check to authenticate your Golden Goose sneakers is the Toe Box. On a real pair the box will be more narrow, with a taller, more defined point. Fakes will have a more rounded toe, along with a flat and ugly look about them.

Distressing on the toe can also be a sign of a forged pair. The handcrafted, stylish scuff will be replaced with an offcentered scrape that looks unintentional and messy.

Golden Goose Soles and Insoles

Another popular method of checking a pair of Golden Goose’s authenticity is the sole/insole method. Golden Goose soles sport a horizontal zig-zag pattern that are difficult to replicate. Fake Golden Goosesneakers tend to botch the look. They either have uneven spacing between the lines, or the points of the zig-zags are more rounded than they should be. This creates a dull, patchy look that can easily be spotted when compared to a real sole.

If the soles look good, the insole is the next place to check. When you peek into the shoe, a real Golden Goose will have dark, bold labeling, and deeply engraved numbering. Fake Golden Goose sneakers have a more faded insole, and numbers that are difficult to see.

Glitter is Your Best Friend

Golden Goose’s star is a standout trademark. Without it, a Golden Goose simply wouldn’t be a Golden Goose. On shoes that have glitter embossed stars, giving the glitter a once over can help you determine if your shoes are the real thing. Authentic shoes will have glitter of all different sizes, creating a tasteful collage inside the star, while a fake Golden Goose sneaker will tend to use glitter of the same size.

The Text Tells All

Whether it’s the branding on the heel or the logo on the side, Golden Goose originals stand out. Legitimate pairs have thick, easy to read text with a darker text color. Spacing is even and the letters themselves are oriented properly. The quality of the stitching is consistent, and will stand the test of time.

On the other hand, fake Golden Goose sneakers will have considerably worse stitching. The letters are thin, often crooked, and are usually a brighter, more gaudy color than authentic Golden Goose sneakers. This results in a product that fails to capture that bright yet sleek look that Golden Goose is known for.

Even the label stitching can be a giveaway. Clear, bold lettering with a slight tilt to the right are the markings of a real pair of GG’s. Chunky, cheap lettering that is seriously tilted indicates that the shoes are a scam.

Where to Find Authentic Golden Goose Sneakers

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