It provided a windbreak for crops, and shelter for animals, as well as protecting against the cattle of others.

The typhoon in 1994 was suciently late for that planting to curtail but not to annul net returns to the rain shelters.

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Doing so may have removed a real increase in such events as participants aged into more responsible roles and less familial sheltering from stress.

Anti-predator defence mechanisms may have evolved during the process that enabled these tadpole species to occupy large permanent streams, which often shelter predatory fishes.

In his prime a man is legally responsible for providing his minor children with food, shelter, and clothing.

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Basic needs are requirements for physical survival as a biological human being, like water, food, shelter and safety.

During those years, military hierarchy remained strong, as it was consciously sheltered from government.

First, houses in non-modern societies are more than physical structures for shelter.

Many of those who remained sought permanent shelter in the air raid bunkers.

Older people do not want to be made to move to a poky sheltered housing unit with neighbours they did not choose.

This level of protection or shelter under diplomatic immunity did not exist for the majority of the individuals escaping from repression.

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He wrote therefore that he “never knew the shelter of a roof between four or five o’clock in the morning till seven in the evening”.

The cylinders were kept outside, beneath a shelter.

Once the initial practical difficulties had been ironed out, there were decent facilities for medical care, education, and religion as well as food and shelter.

Elements such as roofs, gables and windows are likely to be dictated by the structure’s primary function – providing shelter and light to the building’s occupants.

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