seizure noun (TAKING)

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seizure noun (MEDICAL)

figurative humorous When I told her how much it cost she nearly had a seizure (= she was very shocked).

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Examples of seizure


The extremes range from occasional partial seizures of simple symptomatology without loss of consciousness to full-blown tonie-clonic seizures.

They may be confused with complex partial seizures (or vice-versa, see below).

He suggested that increased vivacity and frequency of dreaming was associated with anterior limbic lesions while recurring nightmares are associated with temporal seizures.

Long-term effects of pilocarpine in rats: structural damage of the brain triggers kindling and spontaneous recurrent seizures.

Quenching inhibition of development and expression of amygdala kindled seizures with low frequency stimulation.

After two or three seizures exhibiting features of stage 5, typical limbic status epilepticus of long duration can be observed.

Characterizing the molecular, cellular and network mechanisms of genetically-determined absence seizures will provide helpful indications to better understand impaired consciousness and develop innovative therapeutic strategies.

Although governments could seize offending publications without prior legal authorization, all seizures had later to be #!

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The link between forebrain seizures and recurrent nightmares also does not constitute strong evidence that dopamine systems play causal roles in generation of dreams.

In addition, 9% of patients died, 9% developed seizures, and 18% had significant postoperative infections.

But for brain waves and seizure initiation, concrete progress is within reach.

The classification of seizures in old age in epidemiologic studies is rarely satisfactory.

A small trickle of publications has started to swell and symposia or workshops devoted specifically to older people with seizures are becoming increasingly common.

A speculative model of affective illness cyclicity based on patterns of drug tolerance observed in amygdala-kindled seizures.

This is especially true if atypical dreams associated with various abnormal brain states (seizures, medications, etc.) are not considered.

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Translations of seizure

in Chinese (Traditional)

攫取, 佔領,奪取,攫取, 查封,沒收,充公…

in Chinese (Simplified)

攫取, 占领,夺取,攫取, 查封,没收,充公…

in Spanish

toma, confiscación, incautación…

in Portuguese

tomada, apreensão, convulsão…

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in Turkish

in French

in Czech

in Danish

in Indonesian

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in Thai

in Vietnamese

in Polish

in Malay

in German

in Norwegian

in Russian

in Italian

el koyma, müsadere, ele geçirme…

saisie [feminine], attaque [feminine], saisie…

konfiskering, beslaglæggelse…

przejęcie, konfiskata, przechwycenie…

beslag [neuter], anfall [neuter], pågripelse…

захват, конфискация, приступ…

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