Save/Update/Publish Buttons Missing for Product in admin dashboard

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  • Hi @happyboss,

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    I’ve performed some cross-testing for us today on several of my sites which have the latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and our free Storefront theme as the only enabled software. When doing so I’ve not been able to replicate the behaviour which you describe with missing Update/Publish buttons.

    Save/Update/Publish Buttons Missing for Product in admin dashboard

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    This indicates the behaviour which you’re experiencing on your site is not directly related to the free WooCommerce plugin itself.

    From what you have described, it could be code from another plugin/theme or some custom code which has been added to the site which has caused a possible conflict and affected the functionality of WooCommerce.

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    To see if that is the case we’d suggest carrying out a conflict test on your site by disabling all other plugins aside from WooCommerce along with switching to a theme like Storefront. This will help with trying to and locate what software you have installed which could possibly be causing this behaviour? You could use a free plugin called Health Check and Troubleshooting to carry out such testing.

    When in Troubleshooting mode all plugins will be deactivated and only the admin of the site carrying out the troubleshooting would see those changes. Any customers visiting the site would see no changes at all.

    Once you have disabled all other plugins and switched theme if the behaviour is resolved you can then enabled your theme and sites plugins testing after each one is enabled until the behaviour returns to locate the culprit.

    Yes hi,

    I did what you said. I installed the plugin and went into troubleshooting mode.

    Then I installed storefront and activated the woocommerce plugin alone. But when I click on a product to edit it, the product section published with the edit button still doesn’t appear. I’m really at a dead end and I don’t know what to do.

    -Here is a picture of my active extensions, you will see that there is only woocommerce :

    – And here the capture of the product modification page, you will notice that there is no “Update” or “Publish” section or button :

    Hey @happyboss,

    Cross testing for you again today on several installations it’s not something I’ve been able to replicate. It’s also not something I’m finding other users of WooCommerce reporting either when researching for you.

    It seems like something which is isolated to your particular website is removing the WordPress Publish sidebar element for the custom post type of products.

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    Save/Update/Publish Buttons Missing for Product in admin dashboard

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    Hi @happyboss,

    I hope this last reply shed some additional light on what is going on. We have not heard back from you for a bit so i will go ahead and close this thread, however if you continue to have issues let us know by replying – it will re-open this thread and let us know.

    Otherwise, if there is a different issue please create a different thread and let us know. Have a super day!

  • Viewing 4 replies – 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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