But overall the programme is a miscellaneous collection, and the pitch tends to sag noticeably in a hymn or a canticle.

This explains the fact that the amplitude of the sag and its apparent rate of decay increase with an increase in the depth of hyperpolarization.

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It appears to be narrow (sag.) and almost flat.

Gleysols are found only in relief depressions, in sags between ridges and/or under moss communities of dellies.

A sagging abdomen which made the patient ‘ look pregnant ‘ was enough reason to perform a tummy tuck.

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It is the experience of the manufacturers that not every shape can be made by the gravity sag-bending process.

The absence of lamination, traction structures and impact sags in the deposits suggests that its movement was essentially through a flow generated by energetic pulses.

The glass becomes viscous due to the temperature rise and sags under the force of gravity.

Thus, the visible markers of grey hair, wrinkles, and sagging skin were the physical determinants of social invisibility.

Increasingly, the state’s security forces were called on to buoy up the government’s sagging authority.

Our main goal is to determine what shapes can be made by the gravity sag-bending process.

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Owing to gravity, the molten metal sags and may be supported by surface tension.

There have already been some numerical explorations of the gravity sag-bending process.

One of the reasons why sag-bending introduces less stress in the glass than press-bending is that the glass sheet is simply-supported on the frame.

Similarly, over full extension, sag was found to be

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