Livestock are allowed to roam unrestricted in these villages.

A punitive expedition of four thousand roamed the country murderously.


First, they roam and avoid various obstacles around them.

First, the manager will disregard the externality of the game roaming into the rangelands.

The war gave new voice to pre-war demands for the right to roam.

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His father grounded the boy so that he would study and not roam in the streets.

One might suppose that those species (whales, birds) that are accustomed to roaming widely around the oceans could readily migrate in response to global warming.

She noted with concern the ‘ ‘ idle crowds ‘ ‘ and abandoned children roaming the streets bordered by run-down buildings in desperate need of repair.

The solution proposed here is inspired by ant foraging behaviour; mobile agents, representing ants, permanently roam the network performing management tasks.

Exposure to animals that had diarrhoea and access of the child to areas in which the pets roamed were also not associated with illness.

About 70% of families own one or more dogs living at home and stray dogs are frequently found roaming the city areas.

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Then, a type system is defined that statically guarantees that each value can roam only within the corresponding region.

The authors themselves of the songs organised orchestras, brass bands, and choruses to roam the city performing their compositions.

And he ruled that the hares might roam freely.

Consider a robot programmed to roam the world, taking and storing digital photographs of kinds of things that its programmers have determined.

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