Because one paraphrase pair may include more than one of these cases, the same paraphrase pair may be extracted more than once for different cases.

It is therefore the paraphrases which are the more valuable, particularly as they occur in the context of discussions with other philosophers.


Somehow, it seems clear that the paraphrase test does not apply to the construction.

As mentioned above, each paraphrase pattern consists of two parts, the part used for matching and the generated part.

In this paper, the meaning of the word aunty is described in the form of a reductive paraphrase using natural semantic metalanguage.

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Repeating the slightly modified version of a word or phrase (by adding something or using paraphrase) because of uncertainty about its correctness.

In some cases, it seems that the source was radically summarised, and in others, only slightly paraphrased.

It can be paraphrased as ‘that’s how it went’.

But if something like that happens, as in normal conversations, judges can paraphrase the rules and settle the uncertainty for the future.

As a result, 7,226 generated sentences were judged as correct paraphrases (accuracy of about 88%).

The paraphrase instances are automatically extracted and then generalized into paraphrase patterns.

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We select one paraphrase phenomenon for each of the three paraphrasing goals.

The experimenter repeated (or paraphrased) the instructions if needed, but offered no other guidance.

The discussion of forms of the possessive pronoun (44), for instance, merely paraphrases the data on the map.

The bulk of the included scientific material is brought, explicitly or implicitly, as paraphrases or quotations of previous sources.

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