Since a claim is a duty owed particularly to the person, the unfairness is plainly suffered by that person.

When making these observations, however, flight was ignored, owing to the difficulties caused by its very short duration in the small observation-jars.

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Unfortunately, two of the three maps are difficult to read owing to the poor quality of reproduction.

Urban respondents were more likely to owe money to a loan-agent, and less likely to owe it to a bank.

We describe their second approach here owing to its simplicity.

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The unpunctured spherical film drains, owing to gravity, eventually becoming naturally unstable when its thickness is of order 0.07pm.

Furthermore, owing to their self-electric field, they would drift in the negative x direction.

I was able to record such a large body of data owing to the assistance of my friends, many of whom were network marketers themselves.

Nor is identification unconditionally owed to existing institutions.

Evidently the film thickens with increasing capillary number owing t o the attendant increase in deformation.

The latter type displays a fairly complex distribution, owing to the fact that it can sometimes appear in contexts without overt negation.

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Presumably, the pulses are not as strong for low and high k, owing to interference with the forcing and dissipation.

Prices become merely nominal if payment is not instantaneously done, no man knows what he owes, and yet everything is done on credit.

During the dry season the locusts could be approached nearer than during the rains, owing to their inactivity when the humidity is low.

The localized solutions, at early times, are found to be damped owing to the dust-charge fluctuations.

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