This is just the kind of between-stairs position that a governess, a nanny, or perhaps a superior lady’s maid, would occupy.

A female nanny assisted with the children’s daily care and their father was present in the evenings and on weekends.


This is a thinking person’s guide to usage, beside which many other books look like nannies dishing out blancmange or schoolmasters wielding the cane.

While this assessment may be consistent with the costs of employing a nanny, the cost of many other types of childcare increase pro rata.

Some families employ nannies to provide care if they can afford the expense and living space.

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Together, their parents, nanny, and therapists provided a rich language learning environment for these children.

These third persons were all females and were either the child’s grandmother, aunt, nanny, family childcare provider, or a childcare provider at a larger daycare centre.

Writers reiterate their sense of the wrongness that a housekeeper, cook, or nanny will consistently receive a pension from her family, but that a governess will simply be dismissed.

However, reliable nannies, mostly young women from the countryside, are hard to recruit and keep, once they have learned the ropes about life in the city.

The introduction of seat belts could perhaps also be described as a product of the nanny state, yet it has saved a great many lives.

This legislation smacks of the nanny state and verges on the patronising in its current form.

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That is especially important, as such agencies often bring in nannies and child minders from abroad.

That is the apotheosis of the nanny state—asking for trouble and likely to get it.

Once again, instead of considering the rights of individual employees, a set of nanny state rules to govern employer-employee relations is being foisted on us.

Did all this property go to his nanny-goats?

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