The fundamentals include modularity, anticipation of change, generality and an incremental approach.

We focus in this article on incremental change, but our framework also sheds light on cases of episodic change.

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Ostensibly, budget caps allow for incremental program expansion but, unless expressly overridden, prohibit expenditures greater than anticipated.

Figure 3 illustrates the results obtained with three runs of the incremental method.

Efficient cooperation between a human and a machine implies consideration of the three related aspects: explanation, incremental knowledge acquisition and context.

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Instead, incremental changes in the independent variables and their immediate effects on the dependent variable are used as the basis for projections over time.

As such, the model includes the previous change in spending as a lagged dependent variable to capture this incremental budgetary process.

The algorithm provides a bridge between the new similarity metric and a feature weighting model based on incremental optimizers.

By changing the incremental step, the iteration of scanning was greatly reduced from 505 to 55.

We propose that the goal of neuroimaging methods should be to quantitatively measure both the baseline and incremental signals.

We described a generic system for robust incremental deep parsing that we have designed and implemented following that observation.

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The incremental order is determined in such a way that basic and simple phenomena are always described before more complex ones.

In this section, our concern lies with the simpler, non-incremental, setting, described as follows.

Moreover, to cope with the complexity of long sentences, more advanced techniques for incremental left-to-right processing and partial parsing will need to be developed.

Although, this principle seems trivial, it is fundamental for the purpose of the expansion operation as it defines an incremental augmentation of a text.

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