extended family

You really become an extended family over time.

But today, most people don’t have the time to cook the feast or enough extended family to eat it.

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Within my own extended family, we would not agree on this topic.

A child in need would simply be taken in by extended family or a clan member.

It is almost identical to those of other members of his extended family with the exception of one eye-catching symbol.

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He was loved by all his friends and adored by his daughters, sister and extended family.

I had good friends and a large, supportive extended family.

Whenever a couple gets divorced, the first question their friends and extended family wonder about is, what about the kids?

And again and again — using their miles for passenger upgrades and to book free trips for extended family members.

So for the time that they’re here, we try to make the atmosphere such that they feel like they’re in an extended family.

He argued that a possible factor was the dominance at the time of the small nuclear family at the expense of the extended family.

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Elephants, for example, can tell the difference between the smells of as many as 30 different members of their extended family.

In fact, as a middle child, you are likely to pick an intimate circle of friends to represent your extended family.

Many are living with local families, with friends or with extended family members.

His father is a farmer and so are his cousins and extended family.

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