They should not exceed in size the equivalent of one page of print.

On p. 102, with regard to the regulation of carbon emissions, the chapter says that a tax approach and an emission permits approach are equivalent.


A more appropriate interpretation is that the annuity swap represents a market certainty equivalent to the option.

Note, however, that our numerical bounds frequently get better if multiple edges are replaced by a single equivalent edge.

The class of quasirandom graphs is defined by certain equivalent graph properties possessed by random graphs.

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This largely determined the maximum of ten hectares (arable equivalent) and ensured that only symbolic holdings would be given to farm workers lacking ownership claims.

At shorter, regional scales (equivalent to 10-15 times the ice thickness), however, the relationship was less convincing.

Thus, though there is a straightforward diphthongal realization for this vowel, there is also a minority realization which is realizationally equivalent to a long monophthong.

However, even though not significant, the magnitude of the overall difference was equivalent to that recorded in the previous correlational studies.

Equivalent realizations under the same experimental conditions are almost identical and individual trajectories compare well with theory.

This similarity yields equivalent performance in tasks where performance is dependent on the new semantic representation.

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Thus, every well-typed program can be translated to an equivalent stream-processing program.

For a planting density of 2250 trees ha71, this is equivalent to 3150 kg ha71.

This has created an institutional vacuum where no equivalent rural institutions have emerged to take charge of the functions undertaken by the communidades.

His spellings give clear evidence of the variation in his own speech, with raised, unraised and even lowered equivalents of the short front vowels.

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