In particular there will be one with a minimum number of states, which is the one represented by the dawg.

Cycles can be introduced into the dawg if the divergent and convergent node numbers are equal.

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Given the nature of the dawg, it could also be made two-way, or bi-directional.

The exact formation of the resulting dawg varies depending upon the order in which the words are presented.

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The current dawg structure requires eight bytes per edge.

Obviously the order in which the words are presented to the dawg building algorithm is important in order to keep the amount of memory used to a minimum.

The divergent and convergent nodes are joined by adding nodes for any letters from the middle part of the word which are not yet in the dawg.

Dawg notices he’s wearing antlers and removes them, telling the weasel he’s been tricked and that he’ll get him some real food.


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