The specimen is made of a conductive material.

The toner that is used in this development process is mono-component, magnetizable, and electrically conductive.


Note that the conductive flux from the melt to the mushy layer is always included in the analysis.

Thermal exchange in the junction pores exceeds the average if the flow is fast enough, especially when the fluid is more conductive than the beads.

Accordingly, symplastic space is conductive at high frequencies.

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Conductive cooling of lava: columnar joint diameter and stria width as functions of cooling rate and thermal gradient.

The animal was placed at the center of a hemispherical plastic dome (40-cm diameter) coated with opaque gray conductive paint.

Dissection of the middle ear has revealed morphological defects of the ossicles which disrupt the ossicular chain resulting in a conductive hearing loss.

The expansion consists of the definition of two concentric zones whereby the outer ring is not electrically conductive.

This calculation predicts that convection is triggered by a subcritical bifurcation from the conductive state.

We denote the union of conductive objects by and note that in general is not a connected set.

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It can be demonstrated that such effects can stabilize a front between a conductive region and a region of steady rolls.

It has optimum performance for both imaging and micro-analysis of conductive and/or coated specimens.

Conductive hearing loss and low verbal ability therefore had dissociable effects on nonword repetition.

In this paper domain decomposition methods for radiative transfer problems including conductive heat transfer are treated.

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