Disciplinary measures were used including fines for pupils caught speaking the dialect on school campus.

She might advise younger writers, prepare revised editions of her books, lecture at university campuses, and so forth.


Their women’s section attacked female student isolationism and pacifism on the campuses.

At university campuses, communists stepped up their criticism of capitalist development and wrested control of student and faculty unions.

These elementary school children were tested on the university campus in the same facility as the one used to test the preschool children.

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Above all, though, these writers are united in a disdain for metropolitan postmodernism, suburban minimalism, campus selfreflexivity.

It creates edges that, in turn, form a semblance of a campus where only ad hoc sprawl once existed.

In addition, 36 % of students reported eating or drinking while on the farm campus.

These tests were administered during visits in the family’s home or on campus.

We did receive feedback that the “green brochure” was the topic of much discussion on various medical campuses around the nation.

He had been stripped of his title and was touring college campuses to talk about his case and to raise money for the antiwar movement.

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The library is both the physical heart and the social focus of the new campus.

The campus plan is based on an open grid.

They will fix your hardware, install software, or provide a workshop on using the campus course management system.

The possible influences of in home versus on campus assessments are unknown in this data set.

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