There are bush hammers with 9, 16, 24 and 36 points.

The bush hammer is a common tool for granite, in effect replacing the tooth chisel for that material.

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At first their station buildings were primitive affairs, no more than clearings in the bush with tin huts.

The hunters chose smaller dogs as “agouti dogs” so that they could follow agoutis through dense bush to their hiding places.

Farmers tended small plots in a bush-fallowing system and employed fire for clearance.

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Subjects were warned that the alien would appear for a very brief period before hiding behind a bush (the backward mask).

The bush fly model is entirely driven by weather, temperature-dependent development rates of adult and immature stages being major determinants of bush fly phenology.

Naturally, in remote areas of the bush disease would not backfire on the settler population and could therefore be safely ignored.

We prepare the ground, plant the rose bush, cultivate, prune, water, fertilise, and otherwise do the things that are necessary for the bush to bloom.

In full bloom, our rose bush is, hopefully, a mass of blooms, each of which we hope will become a full-blown rose.

Even without a bud in sight, the newly planted rose bush covered in green leaves has the potential to sprout rose buds and eventually roses.

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The citations for bush tucker and bushwalking are obvious examples.

Who would prevent the regeneration of bush from cleared areas ?

To our knowledge there were no rules governing access to bush products other than status.

In adults, a significant increase in dust exposure in cases was associated with construction dusts (particularly wood and sawdust) but not bush dusts.

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