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主な意味 …だけ(多く)、…と同じ程度に(…)、ほとんど、事実上、…と同じ量のもの、…するだけの量のもの、…だけ

as much (…) as…

アクセントas mùch (…) as…

(1) …だけ(多く).

as much as…

as much…as…


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as much as

as much as …


as much as


as much as (not comparable)

  1. Almost, but not quite.
    She as much as admitted to lying.
    • 1921, Edwin Balmer, “Settled Down”, in Everybody’s Magazine, volume 44, number 2, February 1921, page 50 [1]:
      It’s too damn foolish; why he as much as said so himself.
    • 2005, Brigitte Goldstein, translator, Mr. Brecher’s Fiasco, →ISBN, page 154 [2]:
      For as soon as he as much as took out his pince-nez to read the newspaper, the privy councilor’s wife was his advance trumpeter, who sounded the fanfare and said, “Now Papa puts on his eyes.”

「as much as」の部分一致の例文検索結果

該当件数 : 11927

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