Judges placed a premium on speed, agility and obedience in getting around the course and in negotiating obstacles.

Using the band-limited representations with increasing bandwidth, we compute a sequence of band-limited configurations with maximal agility.

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He displayed physical agility and a decisiveness that in the eyes of the residents justified his appointment.

Failure to detect fleas on such hosts during cursory examinations may relate to their smaller size and agility compared to ticks.

Timing of medication may benefit from review to bring maximum physical and mental agility in phase with mealtimes.

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Because of the agility of predators, mealybug host mortality due to these agents could not easily be determined.

The music of this scene-complex included high c’s and d’s, passages requiring great vocal agility and stamina, and syncopations.

In none of the animals were decreases in agility observed, not even in varans, which harboured up to 3000 larvae per g of muscle.

The increasing length of the links improves its flexibility and suppleness; however, the robot fish would have reduced motion agility.

Machine-based interaction without central control promises agility and scalability beyond traditional limits.

Others were lauded for their physical resilience, mental agility, or fighting capacity.

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In the following, we shall confine to the motion patterns derived from the maximization of the local compliance and admittance agilities.

There are benefits that extended beyond the physical ability and technical agility required to play a musical instrument.

Dancers are undoubtedly amongst the fittest and liveliest of their generation, and they are certainly not feigning their agility on the dance floor.

The physical aspects would be likely to be manifested in enhanced agility and/or enhanced manual dexterity.

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