In the last six months, have you spent considerable time advising someone on an important decision in his or her life?

The letters advised recipients that we would be contacting them to discuss voting and provided contact details to enable recipients to register any concerns.


Guests were advised to pay special attention to hand hygiene.

Prisoners who were sick were advised to postpone family visits, and not to attend work while symptomatic.

They are advised to continue at present quiet.

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He also advised ministers and departments on particular legal matters and drafted legislation according to their needs.

Thus, patients at this institution are now advised to continue with their normal skin care routine using lotion, deodorant and soap.

Another 22 % said friends or relatives, excluding wives, had advised them.

The chaplain’s role is not about advising, intervening, or even offering insight.

Year round, daily use is advised if the patient has a history of skin cancer, sun-damaged and ageing skin.

Patients with a history of skin cancer should be advised to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen or sunblock with a sun-protection factor of 15 or above.

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Headphone listening is advised to catch the more subtle spatial characteristics of the sound designs.

They should be advised about what type of care they require and informed what services are available.

In order to preserve blinding, participants were repeatedly advised not to discuss specific treatment services with blinded follow-up interviewers.

Frequently it is advised that the outbreak plan should be consulted – one hopes that they are all there in place.

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