Note that this is in contrast to most traditional fault modeling approaches where the fault is represented as an additive or a multiplicative time-dependent quantity.

These surgical procedures are rarely used today and have been replaced by additive hormonal therapies.

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An additive effect is when predation by two predators is equal to the sum of prey removed by each individual predator alone.

In summary, our results suggest that exposure to combinations of environmental stresses may increase the expression of additive genetic variability for fecundity.

The information variables have been considered first separately, then in an additive model.

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As expected, the estimation precision of the additive effects is better than that of the interaction effect.

In order to study a possible association between residual variation and additive genetic values, the following discrepancy statistics are constructed.

These include additive synthesis of grains, as well as frequency modulation options, and most recently the granulation of sound files.

We estimated the additive and environmental genetic variances by considering three generations reared under either stressful or favourable conditions.

These differences in phosphorylation might be due to different maturation conditions, especially the different culture medium additives.

In figure 3 the dimensionless group 8+ is given as a function of shearing stress for two concentrations of the same polymeric additive in water.

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We introduce a dialectometric technique that provides an additive measure of pronunciation difference when applied to varying dialectal pronunciations.

Reduced oxygen and elevated carbon dioxide atmospheres can have an additive effect in some cases, depending on the concentrations used.

Four of the tests are based on an inappropriate additive conceptualization of competition.

The review argues for a compensatory processing conceptualization: one that recognizes that knowledge sources act in an interactive, synergistic fashion, not an additive one.

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